It's all about  You


Diversity is cool!  Our differences make us strong  as individuals  and richer as a community. 

One of  our  central  values ​​at  Purajana Yoga Studio  is  authenticity: "Everyone should be the  best he or she can be!" We want to support you to find your own way  to be yourself!  Be your best, true self!   

It’s  not about  doing  the best handstand or the most sophisticated  arm balance. Yoga at  Purajana  means finding your very personal connection between body, mind and soul—feeling good  and having fun.  It's about what really matters to you!   

We welcome  different  yoga philosophies but without dogma. We develop our spirituality through yoga postures, meditation, mantras and breathing exercises, but are open to exploring the many different ways the various forms of yoga can get you there.   

We have a curious mind and an open heart to incorporate new yoga related topics, techniques and experiences into our classes and workshops. 

Everybody is welcome at  Purajana, from  beginners to very experienced yogis.  Also,  just  curious  people!