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enriching the Kindergarten and School Curriculum with Yoga 

We believe that children need to discover the world on their own. Our Purajana Kids yoga program has been designed to give children a creative and playful experience to develop their natural curiosity for exploration. Kids yoga doesn't have to be jammed or super serious. It's important for us to meet the kids on the yoga mat at eye level.   

During our yoga session kids will learn to move and relax their bodies in different ways and will try yoga postures alone and with friends. 

Das Purajana Kids Yogaprogramm hilft Kinder ihre Empfindungen, Gefühle und Gedanken mit Freundlichkeit und Mitgefühl zu erleben. Wir möchten ein Umfeld schaffen frei von Beurteilungen und Bewertungen,  wo Kinder ein Gefühl von Inklusion, Akzeptanz und Herzlichkeit finden.  

The Purajana Kids yoga program helps children experience their own sensations, feelings and thoughts with kindness and compassion. We want to create an environment free of judgments and competition where children have a feeling of inclusion, acceptance and warmth. It is important for us to let the kids feel that they are valuable and unique. 

Kids who practice yoga 

  • develop balance, strength and body awareness 
  • build toned and supple muscles 
  • Verstehen die Magie ihres Atems 
  • increase their concentration, focus and attention 
  • nurture their imagination and creativity 
  • build self-esteem and confidence in a non-competitive environment 
  • Entwickeln persönliche  Werkzeuge, um besser mit Stress umzugehen 
  • Genießen ein erhöhtes Selbstbewusstsein zu haben 
  • learn compassion and co-operation 
  • learn basic anatomy 

Program Structure 

Program Length: Program length: 8 weeks block. Classes are held once per week. This program can be integrated to the school curriculum or be offered as an extracurricular school activity. 

Class Duration: Class duration: 15-40 minutes depending on group age and needs 

Teaching Language: German, English or Spanish 

Need more detailed information? 

We are happy to come to your kindergarten or school and show you why kids love yoga! Contact us