Yoga for Athletes

Yoga Programs


make your Team mental and physically strong 

Yoga helps to improve athletic performance, prevent injuries, increase flexibility and strengthen stability. In addition, the conscious stretching and yoga postures (asanas) serve to reduce stress and adjust muscular imbalances. 

Normally, competitive athletes are very disciplined and spend many hours on the sports field. But often because they are trained in very sport-specific movements, they develop a lack of mobility in many other areas. One-sided strength training and movement mechanisms lead to a loss of flexibility of muscle-joint units. 

Yoga softens hardened or tense muscles, increases flexibility and improve balance & stability. Competitive athletes also learn through yoga to bundle their strengths better and to use them in a targeted manner. 

Mental strength in competitive sports through yoga 

Stress and negative emotions affect not only the quality of life, but also athletic performance. A lack of concentration can lead to an increased risk of injury and can also trigger tactical errors. Yoga can effectively teach competitive athletes to bundle thoughts and focus on one goal. 

Through breathing and meditation techniques as well as concentration exercises, yoga has a positive mental impact on competitive athletes' development. 


Yoga benefits for competitive athletes 

  • Energy build-up & vitalization 
  • Improvement of mental and physical performance 
  • Prevention of injury 
  • Improvement of coordination and stabilization of the musculoskeletal system 
  • Better relaxation ability 
  • Optimized ability to concentrate 
  • Controlled breathing 
  • Reduction of stress through improved handling of emotions 
  • Prevention of stress-related diseases 
  • Improved sleep 
  • Optimized regeneration ability 

Program Structure 

Program Length: Program length: 8 weeks block. Classes are held once per week. This program can be integrated to the team training schedule or be offered after training time. 

Unterrichtsdauer: 30-40 minutes depending on group age and needs. 

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