Good to know

I’m new  to yoga  and I’m nervous!

Don’t be! You have to walk before you run! We love every yogi. At our studio there is no competition, we are all about having fun, letting go and being happy. Our Vinyasa Basic class is a good way to start exploring yoga. In this class we teach you the basic yoga poses foundation through a soft flow. You don’t need to be flexible and strong. 

What should I bring?  

We practice barefoot and in comfortable clothes. We supply all yoga props and mats although you are free to bring your own. If you use one of our mats, we kindly request that you wipe it down after your class and put  it  back  in place with all  the  yoga props  (blanket, strap, block, bolsters).  

Which pass is the best for me?

If you are new to  Purajana  you can start by trying out our 3 class Intro Pass offer. You can always book a single class at any time, or get our 10 class yoga pass.  Buy a Class

How long are the classes? 

Our classes are  90 and 75 minutes long. Check our schedule here.  Schedule 

Should I book online? 

Yes, we don’t want to leave you without yoga! Since our yoga room has a maximum capacity of 14 yogis, it’s best to book online and be sure you have a spot at your favorite class. Book a class 

How early should I arrive? 

The studio opens 30 minutes before every  scheduled  class start-time. We know that life happens and sometimes it is a struggle to get to class on time.  We  start classes  on time, so  please be punctual.  The door  locks  during classes.  Unfortunately, we can’t  let anyone in the studio after class begins. Thanks  for your understanding!  

Can I eat and drink before my class? 

You want to feel light and fresh  during  your  yoga practice. Our  advice  is not to  eat heavy food  about 2 hours before the start of the course. We have freshwater and  delicious aromatic tea  for  you  at the studio.  

Stay healthy, listen to your body! 

During pregnancy,  health problems  or injuries, you should  inform us and  of course consult with your doctor to see if yoga is currently the right thing for you.  We are experienced and  well-trained  yoga  instructors,  but  we are not doctors  or physiotherapists.  Please,  listen to your body and realize what it needs, only you can! Pain and injury should not occur during your yoga practice.  

Where should I put  all my stuff? 

We practice  barefoot, your  shoes should stay outside of the Yoga Studio. You will find space for your shoes in the hallway before entering the Studio. We have a small area in our welcome room to store your backpack, bag and coat. If you take valuables into the yoga room with you, please remember to put them on the side. We don’t want to trip over or break something. Your phones must be switched off during the whole hour, even the vibration disturbs the lesson.   

Oops I’m not alone:  Be mindful  of others!  

Purajana is a small and cozy yoga studio, so please remember to move as attentively and considerately as possible in the yoga room. If have already secured your place in the room, but it is quite crowded and close, please kindly shift your mat closer to your neighbor so we can make room for everyone. (You really don’t need more than the space of your own mat for practicing anyway!) 

Fresh & clean  

Please come fresh (clean feet, clean clothes, no intrusive perfumes) to practice. The teachers and other  yogis  will thank you.  

It’s your practice

We all practice yoga  with what  we have  and are able to do. And  also,  with what  we  can’t  do and don’t have!  Remember, you can take breaks and rest during class at any time.  As  often and as long as you want! You can also skip entire exercises if they  are  too demanding.  After the class, you should feel  good  in your own skin  and  at ease in your heart.   

We are so happy you find your way to yoga, so you should be too!

Be grateful for yoga and for this precious time in your hectic day. It is easy to get too busy and distracted to remember to hold that space for yourself and get to a yoga class. But when you do get to class, the body’s gratitude, for both the work and the rest, is clear and evident and full of deep breaths, joy and peace.