Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions


The practice of linking breath and movement to flow through postures invites us into an experience of  being alive, connected and free. 

Vinyasa is a  fluid or flowing  style of yoga that connects  postures (Asana) together so that you move from one to another  using your breath.  Vinyasa or Flow Yoga can be practiced either in a vigorous and dynamic manner, or as a soft and gentle practice.

Als Philosophie erkennt Vinyasa die temporäre Natur der Dinge. Wir treten in eine Haltung ein, bleiben eine Weile bewusst dort und dann gehen wir. Vinyasa ist eine von der Atmung initiierte Praxis, die jede Handlung unseres Lebens mit der Absicht verbindet, sich dem zuzuwenden, was für uns heilig oder am Wichtigsten ist.

Vinyasa meets you where you are—which in today’s world is usually high energy, going in a million directions at once—and leads you by the hand back to an inner peace that exists within you. 

“How” we move takes on a greater importance than “what” we are doing.


Start slow and connect with yourself

Our Basic Flow is a safe space for students who are new to yoga, for those who haven’t practiced in a while and for all who want to grow their practice from a strong foundation of postural alignment,  skillful breathing and of course  cultivate  mindfulness and  presence.

You don’t need to be strong &  flexible, you will improve both through regular attendance and become more aware of the relationship between your mind and body. 


Energize your body and calm the mind

Our Vinyasa Just for Men flow classes are designed for and focused on the male population, especially to those who believe they do not have the flexibility for standard yoga classes.

These classes are all about stretching and lengthening the muscles, building strength and correct alignment, as well as developing skillful breathing and cultivating  mindfulness and  presence.

Of course, all men are welcome to practice in all our other classes!


Challenge yourself and keep breathing

Open level classes serve students who have a regular practice and are looking to evolve to the next level, regardless of what that may be.  

These classes will vary in a range of difficulty and creativity, offering always variations for every student in class.  Classes may include some arm balances and inversions, and no matter what, students should expect to stay focused and be challenged in a friendly and positive way.

Our open level vinyasa flow will get students to move in a more challenging pace and at the same time help them to face life changes with more equanimity as well as strength.


Feel like home

We want everyone to feel at home when they practice in our studio, so for students who are not native German speakers (or those who just like the sound of a foreign language!), we also offer our Vinyasa Open Level class in Spanish and English.


Explore, have fun and get strong

Our Vinyasa Teen class is an invitation to teen students to get closer to the world of yoga with a lot of joy and a positive attitude.

Through yoga postures, breathing and meditation practices in a fun, non-competitive and inclusive environment, our Vinyasa Teen class support teens in developing self-awareness, emotional resilience, healthy body image, and compassion.

Yoga practice at an early age is a perfect complement to any teenager’s busy academic and extracurricular schedule, connecting them with others and themselves in a fun and nurturing environment, and leaving them refreshed and ready for the outside world.


Surrender into a place of relaxation and peace

Restorative Yoga is a gentle and smooth yoga style that uses props like blocks, blankets and bolsters to support the body and go deep into postures using breathing techniques and some meditation. 

Our  Restorative  Yoga  class  is a delicious surrender into a place of  rest  and relaxation where students can  hold  poses  for a longer period of time  without muscular strength.  This practice is all about slowing down and opening your body. 

Restorative yoga is a wonderful complement to any level of yoga practice.  

PRIVATE YOGA (one to one)

all focus is on your specific needs, challenges and goals.

One teacher who shows up for you, who meets you exactly where you are, who inspires and supports positive and sustainable shifts in your health and well-being.

A private yoga class is structured specifically to your individual needs, challenges and goals.  Sessions can range from basic yoga to in-depth details of yoga, individualized alignment, breathing and meditation techniques. Each session is likely to be different on a physical and emotional level depending on how you’re feeling.

We also give you tips and suggestions on how to start or improve your practice and how to integrate yoga into your everyday life.

Private yoga classes are ideal for those who want to deepen their practice, and for those who, for any reason, cannot attend group classes or those who just want to take time for themselves.

Our private yoga sessions take place at your home, or at our studio and can be taught in German, English or Spanish.

Booked private sessions can be cancelled free of charge at least 48 hours in advance. Last minute cancellation and/or no-shows will be charged in full. Exceptions allowed with presentation of a medical certificate.


Contact us  to book your private session or get it as a gift certificate for your loved one.