Our business programs

Purajana's Business Yoga and Pilates programs are suitable for both beginners and experienced participants. They can be taught in German and English.

We teach either in your company premises or online.

We offer courses on the client's premises or alternatively online with different focal points.

The courses are timed to suit the needs of your company. They take place in the morning, during the lunch break or after work. These courses are usually 45-60 minutes long and can be booked as monthly packages (e.g. 1x per week) or flex packages (per session with a lead time of 7 days).

Short distances and a minimal investment of time mean that the positive effects of yoga or Pilates can also be used efficiently for your company.

Yoga Vinyasa is a flowing style of yoga that combines different postures. Breathing and movement are consciously linked and flow together. Vinyasa or Flow Yoga can be practiced powerfully and dynamically, but also gently and slowly.

Pilates helps to strengthen the core (back and abdomen), correct movement patterns and increase overall well-being by teaching us to connect our mind and body.

Activate your teams and groups - once as a team event or as an accompaniment for a certain period of time. Also suitable for strengthening respectful cooperation. Even across departments, business yoga or Pilates not only improves health, but also the working atmosphere. The team trainings support health-conscious behavior of the employees.

Yoga or Pilates as part of conferences and seminars is a wonderful enrichment for all participants. This ensures a relaxed atmosphere, better concentration and greater endurance.

Personal Yoga is intended for executives who value more individuality. If you have special needs or complaints or if you have a specific goal.

With Personal Yoga we come to the workplace. At the times that are convenient for your leaders. You get yoga that is perfectly tailored to your goals.

We would be happy to develop an individual business yoga and Pilates course offer or a concept for your event, such as your health day.

Contact us at hello@purajana.com for a non-binding and free offer.